Yllka Gjollesha

Yllka Gjollesha is a Tirana-based contemporary video artist who investigates the emotional effects conveyed by image and sound. She uses mixed media and film-making to create an experience of poetic episodes through her work, or as she says ‘fragments of time… where it is very hard to find a point of reference’, always trying to discover the art that lies within everyday moments and encouraging the viewer to travel back through imagination and forward in time with dreams. Gjollesha has produced many video installations (Time / Cycle / The Flag / Mute / Good Luck), participated in many solo exhibitions at various museums and galleries in Albania and abroad (National Museum, Tirana; MuCEM Marseille, France; Savina Gallery, Moscow, Russia; Museo Pino Paskali, Italy, etc.) and produced more than seven documentaries broadcast nationwide in Albania, such as: Arkitect of Sound (2015), Tunel’s Angel (2016) and her most recent work, Light (2017), about Gjon Mili. Currently she works as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tirana.