Three films will be followed by debates


The Art of Loving

“The Art of Loving”

Sunday 8 October (18.30), Neimënster

A debate on women's sexuality, sexual education and the affirmation of women's rights in Eastern and Western Europe over the last half century. Participants: Isabel Scott, expert in gender studies and sexual educator and Anne Schaaf, a journalist focusing on cultural and social subjects. Moderated by the trainer Martyna Adamska. As part of the Women’s event after the film The Art of Loving.



(In)tolerance in Central and Eastern Europe

“(In)tolerance in Central and Eastern Europe”

Tuesday 10 October (20.30), Neimënster

A debate focusing on the complex relationship with foreigners and minorities in the CEE countries and the origins of the current tense situation in some of them. With the director of the film The Citizen, Roland Vranik, and an expert in political science.






Tuesday 17 October (20.30), Neimënster

A debate focusing on the current perception of autism and autistic children, the various practices and approaches in the field and the question about what we can learn from people with Asperger’s syndrome. After Normal Autistic Film, with the Czech expert and film protagonist Michal Roškaòuk, diagnosed with the syndrome, and Conny Therwer, a psychomotricity specialist from the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL)

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