Roland Vranik

Roland Vranik, born in 1968. After graduation he worked on several diploma films, shorts and national and international feature films as a production manager and director’s assistant, and as a member of the Positive Production Workshop based in Budapest. Later on he worked in the Netherlands where he directed four films and collaborated in several productions by the students of the Dutch Film Academy. In 2000, he received a grant from the Béla Balázs Studio and directed and wrote the experimental short film Dominátor (Dominator, 2000). That same year, he was director's assistant on Werckmeister’Harmonies (Werckmeister harmóniák, 2000), directed by the famous Hungarian director Béla Tarr. He also made some 30 spots and video clips before directing his first feature film Fekete kefe (Black Brush, 2005), followed by Transmission (Adás, 2009), and his most recent film The Citizen (Az állampolgár, 2016).