The social dimension of the festival has always been important to us. This year we wanted to strengthen it through a series of debates, some of which will focus on topical issues and matters of concern (integration of immigrants, nationalism and populism, multiple identities). We hope that these exchanges of experiences and points of view will be enriching for all.

cinédebates ▪ Challenges of integration - a debate in teh framework of a special evening focusing on questions regarding the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants more generally. In the presence of the main actor of the film, Marcelo Cake-Baly and other guests: [After the film The Citizen (Fri 5/10)].

Women and ageing in contemporary society - a debate in the framework of the Women's event during which the participants will discuss whether modern societies value the potential of women over 50 years old. With experts Elke Murdock and Iulia Nastase Popescu [After the film Ice Mother by Bohdan Sláma (Sun 7/10)].

▪ Professional cycling – behind the scenes – a debate in the framework of the Cycling event focusing on lesser-known aspects of professional cycling, particularly on the 'gregarios' – the team members that have to lose so that their leader gets a chance to win. In the presence of national cycling star Andy Schleck and Mike McQuaide (An American in Luxembourg). [After the film Wonderful Losers: A Different World by Arūnas Matelis (Tue 9/10)].

▪ Emigrants and expats –identity in question – a debate in the framework of the Expat life evening focusing on both individual and collective aspects of identity. Are these mixed or multiple identities an asset or a drawback for individuals and society? In the presence of the director of the film, Urszula Antoniak and other guests. [After the film Beyond Words by Urszula Antoniak (Wed 10/10)].

▪ Democracy in transition – a debate focusing on the changes which have taken place in the Balkan countries since the fall of Yugoslavia, by questioning the role (and responsibility) of the intellectual in a state of political upheaval. In the presence of the producer of the film, Carine Chichkowsky and other guests (tbc) [After the film The Other Side of Everything by Mila Turajlić (Mon 15/10)].

▪ Nationalism & populism in Eastern and Western Europe - a debate focusing on the emergence and amplification of the phenomenon in some Eastern European countries, and analysing some of its root causes (historical, political, social and cultural). Parallels will be drawn with the situation in Western Europe .In the presence of the director of the film Jan Gebert and the historian Denis Scuto. [After the film When the War Comes by Jan Gebert (Thu 18/10)].