skateboarding event


Friday 4 October (20.30)


A unique evening dedicated to skateboarding culture!

King Skate
King Skate

We open the evening with the screening of the film King Skate by the Czech director Šimon Šafránek. The first feature-length documentary about the rise of skateboarding in Czechoslovakia tells a gripping tale of the search for freedom in a society stifled by the communist regime. Unique archive shots set to a driving punk soundtrack introduce us to the cult masters of the skateboard and their never-ending party ride through the grey days of Normalization. What a ride! How high can you jump from your skate?

After the film we invite you to join a discussion about skateboarding culture and skateboarding as a lifestyle moderated by journalist and skateboarder Sébastien Vecrin with guests Teodor Kuhn from the Slovak Skateboarding Association, the manager of Olliewood Skateshop Luxembourg and avid skateboarder Dan Gantrel, teacher Dan LucianiAlex Welter from and filmmaker Nico Uhler.



With the support of   czech_centre