The social dimension of the festival has always been important to us. This year we wanted to strengthen it through a series of debates, some of which will focus on topical issues and matters of concern (social media, rights of LGBT people, women's rights). We hope that these exchanges of experiences and points of view will be enriching for all.

Skateboarding event – a debate on skateboarding culture and skateboarding as a lifestyle moderated by the journalist and skateboarder Sébastien Vecrin, with Teodor Kuhn (Slovak Skateboarding Association), Dan Gantrel (Olliewood Skateshop), Alex Welter (, Dan Luciani (professor), and Nico Uhler (skateboarding filmmaker). [After the film King Skate (Fri. 5/10)]

Youth & Social Media – a debate on the risks of social media for young people, including cyberbullying and grooming. In the presence of the director of the film, Mihály Schwechtje, and Philipp Sischka, an expert on questions related to these topics, and Joanne Goebbels, coordinator of the International Classes at the Athénée de Luxembourg. [After the film Hope You’ll Die Next Time :) by Mihály Schwechtje (Sat. 5/10)]

Break Your Own Walls – a debate as part of CinEast’s traditional Women’s Event, which will focus on the often boundless human capacity to overcome difficulties and find inner motivation to live and win, regardless of health issues, social barriers or political situations. Moderated by Martyna Adamska, in the presence of the protagonist of the film, Nudžejma Softić, and Caroline Mohr (Larsson), a motivational speaker and former golf professional from Sweden. [After the film Little Star Rising by Slađana Lučić (Sun. 6/10)]

Alternative lifestyles  – a debate focusing on the reality behind the various efforts towards a ‘green future’ and reducing our footprint on the planet, such as vegetarianism, woofing, responsible farming, etc. With the director of the film Katarzyna Trzaska. The event is organised as part of the cycle “Le Monde en doc” in collaboration with Etika and ATTAC Luxembourg. [After the film Village of Swimming Cows by Katarzyna Trzaska (Sun. 7/10)]

30 years of transformation - a debate on the past three decades of transformation and the barriers that remain since the fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe. Is the time of opening borders gone? Organised in collaboration with the Institut Pierre Werner with Nina Janz, researcher assistant at, and other guests. [After the cult film Good Bye Lenin! by Wolfgang Becker (Sun. 9/10)].

Travellers’ Evening – a debate on alternative and responsible tourism and independent travelling between the director of the film, Dan Přibáň, and "professional travellers" Anabela & Jorge Valente (“diariesof” travel magazine) who will present a slideshow of images from their travels and share some of their amazing stories to show us what it means to live for and from travelling. Sit back and savour the experience of travelling around the world in a Trabant or on a motorbike. [After the film Trabant: There and Back Again by Dan Přibáň (Thu. 10/10)].

LGBT rights – a debate on the rights of the LGBT community and the discrimination they are facing in Eastern and Western Europe, with a focus on recent developments. With the director of the film Olga Chajdas, Marc Schernberg, who is actively working at Luxembourg Professional LGBT+Allies Association, and the journalist Isabel Spigarelli (Woxx) . [After the film Nina by Olga Chajdas (Fri. 11/10)].

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