Due to Covid restrictions, the offer of culinary events during CinEast 13th edition will be rather limited. Nevertheless, the Festival will try to bring you at least some Eastern and Central European bites.

pierogi 2020Two evenings at Melusina: Opening Event (Fri, 9/10) and Closing Event (Fri, 23/10) will allow you to enjoy some typical Eastern European flavours during the musical programme. To adapt to the government’s safety regulations, Melusina has turned their space into a comfortable and more intimate seating area with table arrangements (for up to 4, 6 and 8 people, reservations recommended). You will be able to choose typical dishes from our region and enjoy Eastern European delights on the stage and on the plate.

With great regret we inform that due to Covid restrictions, the 13th edition will not be offering any dedicated culinary evenings at restaurants or drinks after Q&As and debates. For the sake of your health, the mini-bar at the Cinematheque will remain closed, and the Short Films Marathons and the Kids Show in Neimënster will take place in one slot - with no break or served refreshments.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope the next edition of CinEast will allow us to tickle your culinary taste buds again with a more extensive offer of gastronomic events.

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