The social dimension of the festival has always been important to us. In 2020 the festival will offer a series of discussions on various topics taking place after several screenings (cinédebates). We hope that these exchanges will be interesting and enriching for all.

▪ Caught in the net – a discussion as part of CinEast’s traditional Women’s Event, which will focus on the topic of online sexual abuse of children (mostly teenage girls). Moderated by Martyna Adamska, in the presence of the executive producer/co-producer of the film Pavla Klimešová and several experts. [after the screening of the film Caught in the Net by Vít Klusák & Barbora Chalupová, Kinepolis Kirchberg, Sun 11/10]

▪ Systemic corruption and the power of media – a discussion on endemic corruption in Eastern European countries and elsewhere and the means to combat it, and on the power of journalism in the fight against corruption and attacks on press freedom. In the presence of the director Alexander Nanau, the co-producer of the film and (one or more) speaker(s) from civil society. [after the screening of the film Collective by Alexander Nanau, Kinepolis Kirchberg Tue 13/10]

▪ Environmental grief and climate activism – a discussion on the radical forms of fighting for/defending the climate (their legitimacy and effectiveness), on the revolt of mothers who do not want to leave their children in an uninhabitable world, and more generally on the avenues open to action and the difficulties of provoking a shock of awareness which is followed by strong actions. In the presence of the director Andrea Culková, the Minister of Energy and Spatial Planning Claude Turmes and other participants. [after the screening of the film Grief by Andrea Culková, Kinepolis Kirchberg Fri 16/10]

▪ Eco communities and alternative lifestyles – a discussion provoking us to re-examine 'What is a community?' (or its core values) and 'What could an alternative model of society and culture potentially look like?' Could eco-communities offer a model for a more sustainable lifestyle? And, are we, as human beings, ready for it? In the presence of the director Margit Lillak and several members of alternative communities. [after the screening of the film The Circle by Margit Lillak, Ciné Utopia Sun 18/10]