Eco communities and alternative lifestyles


Sunday 18 October (19.00)

Ciné Utopia

A discussion provoking us to re-examine 'What is a community?' (or its core values) and 'What could an alternative model of society and culture potentially look like?' Could eco-communities offer a model for a more sustainable lifestyle? And, are we, as human beings, ready for it?

After the screening of the film The Circle by Margit Lillak.

In the presence of the director Margit Lillak and several members of alternative communities: Johny Diderich, founder of an ecovillage in Germany ( and a project coordinator of wandel.BAR in CELL - the transition hub, Maurice Herkrath, a member of the eco-community Tiny House Village in Delft, and Nickie Lippert (president of the TINY HOUSE Community Luxembourg Asbl), the first initiative of this kind in Luxembourg trying to establish a tiny house eco-community in the Grand Duchy.