Thou Shalt Not Be Indifferent


Sunday 10 October, 19.00

Kinepolis Kirchberg

After the screening of the film The Living Witnesses there will be a debate on the subject of the necessary and constant work of remembering in relation to the horrors of the past. It also focuses on how this work should prevent us from becoming indifferent, from accepting the unacceptable and from running the risk that these horrors may one day be repeated. 

The film will be followed by the debate „Thou shalt not be Indifferent“.

In the presence of the directors of the film Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron, the protagonist Marian Turski (joining online), film producers Paul Thiltges and Adrien Chef and other participants: Claude Marx (former President of Consistoire israélite de Luxembourg), Marie Yapo Chadon, Christina Khoury and Dean Schadeck.


The Living Witnesses