Photo exhibition (see catalogue)

6-23 October 2022

The photography exhibition ‘Communities’ offers a photographic view of the festival’s main theme, with its reflection on the various forms of communities and the ways they have to reinvent themselves in the face of crisis.


The word ‘community’ conveys a sense of solidarity, closeness and belonging, but as with a photograph and its negative, conversely, it can also conjure images of division and exclusion. The communities we belong to shape to a large extent how we view the world, what we consider to be the norm, and who we accept and don’t accept into our group, which means they can also lead to exclusion.

As a result of changing ways of life, traditional communities seem to be under threat on two fronts: they are facing possible decline and at the same time the risk of withdrawing into themselves and their own identities. Yet our undeniable need for community still persists. This is apparent in the emergence of new communities, but the strength and resilience of communities become even more evident in situations of political turmoil and war.

The photographers invited by the curator Marta Szymańska to take part in the exhibition – Yauhen Attsetski, Máté Bartha, Brendan Hoffman, Roman Franc and Alina Smutko – portray communities in all their diversity and force us to ask ourselves a number of questions: what remains common in a context where individualism seems to prevail? Do we still need and can we still create strong community bonds? And lastly, the most topical question, can communities save us in times of crisis and war?

Individual projects: Roman Franc (CZ), Máté Bartha (HU), Yauhen Attsetski (BY), Brendan Hoffman (US) and Alina Smutko (UA)

Commissionner : Marta Szymańska
Coordinator : Radek Lipka

Organised by CinEast in collaboration and with the support of   neimenster .

The opening of the exhibition takes place on Thursday 6 October from 17.30 (free entrance).



Photo exhibition

Ancien Cinema
8 October - 13 November 2022

The exhibition presents a series of original portraits of Ukrainian women taken in Kyiv between 2015-2022. Through body art and other techniques, the photographic works capture stories of specific people, with their unique characters, destinies and peculiarities, attempting to depict what can be hidden behind the pretty smiles of Ukrainian women. The artist Alyona Sukhorukova is a Ukrainian refugee now living in Luxembourg.

Free entrance.



Open-air exhibition of posters of selected films and events from the festival programme

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg
22 September - 23 October 2022

A carefully selected set of official posters of some of the films and events presented on the festival programme displayed on the fence of the Embassy building at 2 Rond-point Robert Schuman, Luxembourg. Available any time of the day, the exhibition gives passers-by the opportunity to see some of the most interestingly designed posters for films on the programme of CinEast 2022, especially, but not only, Czech films presented in the framework of the Focus on Czechia. 

Organised in collaboration and with the support of Czech Embassy in Luxembourg