Please make sure to read our FAQ with more details!

Tickets and passes are available online:

  • for physical venues (Neimënster, Utopia, Kinepolis, Cinémathèque* & others) &
  • for online screenings (CinEast Online Cinema) 

* only passholders tickets, single tickets at Cinémathèque are only available via Luxembourg Ticket

Ticket sales and reservations start on 23 September.
You are strongly advised to buy tickets online at for both physical events and online screenings.

Please come on time. Due to reduced capacity in the venues this year, the festival reserves the right to cancel your ticket and reallocate it in case the holder is not present 5 min after the scheduled screening time.

CinEast offers free access to festival screenings and to a majority of special events to Ukrainian refugees residing in Luxembourg.



Single ticket:
Physical screenings: 8 € * (6 € for young people <25)
Online screenings: 6 € (available only in Luxembourg)

* screenings at Ancien Cinéma and the Kids show are free

Festival pass (10 credits for 10 screenings in cinemas or online): 35 €

Free entrance for Ukrainian refugees


Opening Event with MYDY & DJ party
[Melusina 7/10]: 15/18 € (presale/doors) (tickets)

Ciné-concert by Tomáš Vtípil
[Cinémathèque 12/10]: 12/15 € (presale/doors) (tickets)

CinEast Night @Mirador Bar
[Mirador 14/10]: free entrance

Goran Bregović Wedding & Funeral Band
[Rockhal 17/10]: 39 € (presale) (tickets)

Dz'ob ensemble: Forward meets CinEast
[Neimënster 19/10]: 15/9 € (tickets)

CinEast Ukrainian Evening with Joryj Kloc
[Rotondes 20/10]: 18/20 € (presale/doors) (tickets)

Pause with ciné-concert by Neuvěřitelno
[Neimënster 23/10]: 6 € (tickets)

Photography exhibition "Communities"
[Neimënster 6-23/10]: free entrance

Exhibition "Chameleon Women from Ukraine"
[Ancien Cinéma 8/10-13/11]: free entrance

Open-air exhibition of film posters from CinEast 2022
[Czech Embassy 22/9-23/10]: freely accessible (Glacis)


CinEast Fan Pack: 50 €

- Festival pass
- Festival t-shirt
- Festival poster
- Festival bag or mug or bandana
... all this for just 50 EUR to support the Festival!

 VIP Pack: 99 €

- Fan Pack
- Guaranteed entrance to most musical events
- Catalogue of the "Communities" exhibition
- A double invitation (for 2 people) for one of these events:
  - Opening ceremony (including the reception)
  - Awards ceremony (including the reception)
  - Possibility to obtain organisers tickets for some sold out screenings & events
... all this for just 99 EUR to support the Festival even more!

Thank you for supporting us by purchasing the packs!

Get your pack at




How can I watch films at this year’s CinEast film festival?

You can watch CinEast films at our partner cinemas. Many of them will also be available via our CinEast Online Cinema at

Are COVID-19-related restrictions still applicable in cinemas?

Cinemas in Luxembourg are no longer subject to specific rules related to COVID-19. 



When can I buy tickets?

Tickets for the screenings will be available online starting from 23 of September. Tickets and passes are available online: To be sure to get a ticket, we recommend reserving well in advance. 

How can I buy a ticket for a CinEast physical or online screening?

You are advised to buy your tickets online on and select a screening you would like to attend in the CALENDAR. When buying for the first time, you will be asked to sign up by entering your name & surname, e-mail address and a password. You can also register using your Facebook account. Purchased tickets are sent to your email in the form of QR codes. When entering a cinema, you will be asked to present your ticket - QR code (either on your phone, or print-outs).

What is a festival pass? How does it work?

A festival pass gives you access to 10 screenings, physical and online, at a reduced price. The pass is only a unique digital item, purchased online & sent to you by email. Please note that even if you buy the pass, you still need to pre-order a zero ticket for each screening (physical or online) at and show it in a digital or printed form at the entrance. Use your pass to buy multiple tickets if you come with a companion. Please remember that in case of sold-out screenings we reserve the right to cancel your ticket in case of no show, 5 minute after the scheduled screening time.   

Do I have to reserve a ticket if I have a pass? How do I do this?

Yes, everyone with a pass must also pre-order a zero ticket online (via The same applies to accreditation holders: staff, volunteers, press, professionals, etc. Everyone needs to pre-order a seat in advance and this has to be done online at Once you have registered in the system, you can do this by clicking on ‘Quick Order’ on the ticketing button next to the event you would like to attend. All screenings are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee a seat unless a ticket is reserved in advance.

Can I sit wherever I want in the cinema?

Free seating will be a general rule in all our venues (Neimenster, Ciné Utopia, Kinepolis Kirchberg, Cinematheque).

Can I cancel a ticket and get reimbursed?

As a rule, cancellations are not possible and purchased tickets cannot be reimbursed. However, we allow for “ticket transferring”, so if you have a change of plans, your ticket doesn’t have to be wasted. You can transfer it to a person of your choice by indicating their e-mail address in your ‘My tickets’ section (top right) to which your ticket will arrive. This way, everyone is happy! Please write to if you need any assistance.

A screening seems to be ‘sold out’. What can I do to see the film?

Almost all films have a second or even a third screening in physical venues, so please check the next physical screening available. For screenings at the Cinémathèque, even though the passholders quota is reached, there might be some single tickets available on the Luxembourgticket website (not covered by the pass).

A part of the films is also available online on our CinEast Online Cinema. The online cinema films become available for viewing at 8 a.m. on the day following their first physical screening. 

What if I arrive late?

Please come on time. In case of a sold-out the festival reserves the right to cancel your ticket and reallocate it in case the holder is not present 5 minutes after the scheduled screening time.

Can I buy a pass/ ticket for someone as a gift?

Yes! It is now possible to give someone a ticket and pass as a gift and share with them the magic of cinema. You can do this on, when you make a regular purchase, by indicating in the purchase window ‘give as a gift’. Another option is to use one of the credits associated with your pass to purchase a ticket for a friend.



What kind of Covid protocols do you apply in venues?

Currently there are no specific Covid protocols nor restrictions in place for public events in Luxembourg. All the rooms operate at their full capacity.

Can I come to a festival screening or event if I am not vaccinated? 

Yes, currently it is possible in Luxembourg to attend cultural events without the necessity to be vaccinated.



Do I need to buy/reserve a ticket for the online screenings available at the CinEast Online Cinema? Are they for free or do I have to pay?

All spectators must pre-order a ticket to a physical screening in order to get a seat. The same applies for online screenings available at CinEast Online Cinema. With the exception of short films programmes (free), the price for an online screening is 6 EUR. The purchase of one online ticket gives you access to one of CinEast’s films. You can also buy a festival pass that gives you access to 10 screenings (any combination of physical and online) for 35 EUR. Make sure you pre-order your ticket on in advance, as the tickets for online screenings are also subject to availability. When the maximum number of total views of a selected film has been reached, the film will not be available anymore.

Can I watch the films available in the CinEast Online Cinema if I live outside of Luxembourg?

No. To be able to watch our online screenings, you need to access the platform from a Luxembourgish IP address. The CinEast Online Cinema is available for the Grand Duchy’s residents only.

Are all the films screened at cinemas also available through the CinEast Online Cinema?

Many of the films screened at cinemas are also available online. Please check the programme on the CinEast Online Cinema page

When do the films become available online? Will they be available online during the whole festival?

As a rule, the films become available online at 8 a.m on the day following their first physical screening. The availability varies depending on the number of allowed views and the pre-set availability end date. This year, with a few exceptions, the films will be available until 6 November. You can see the availability windows of all films on the CinEast Online Cinema page

How much time do I have to watch a film?

As a rule, you have 3 days (72h) to START watching the film after it is “unlocked” and 3 days (72h) to FINISH watching.

There are two specific cases:

  • If the film is already available online when you order your ticket, this is the moment the film is unlocked. You have 72 hours to start watching. Once you have started to watch the film, you can stop and resume watching it the next day or the day after that, but you need to finish it within 72 hours - after that the screening becomes unavailable.
  • If the film is not yet available for online viewing when you pre-order your ticket, the screening is unlocked when it goes online. You will receive an email notification when it happens. You then have 72 hours to press the Watch Now button. Once you have started to watch the film, you can stop and resume watching it the next day or the day after that, but you need to finish it within 72 hours - after that the screening becomes unavailable.

A screening seems to be ‘sold out’. Is there a limit to the online viewings too?

Yes. The CinEast Online Cinema functions as a physical cinema. Its capacity is also limited. Once the total number of views allowed at the online cinema system is reached, the film will no longer be available.

I can’t find the answer to my question here and/or I need additional support

In case of a technical problem, please contact the Eventive team through the ‘Need Help?’ button in the upper right corner of the CinEast Online Cinema. There you also get access to FAQ covering the use of the Eventive platform. If you need further assistance, you can launch the live chat support function with the Eventive team. To ask a more general question about using the CinEast Online Cinema or the online ticketing system via, please contact the CinEast team over Messenger on our CinEast Facebook page or by email at We will do our best to respond to your query as quickly as possible.




Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

17, place du Théâtre, Luxembourg

web Map
Neimënster (Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster)

Neimënster (Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster)

28, rue Münster, Luxembourg

web Map
Ciné Utopia

Ciné Utopia

16, avenue de la Faïencerie, Luxembourg

web Map
Ancien Cinéma

Ancien Cinéma

23, Grand Rue, Vianden

web Map
Kinepolis Kirchberg

Kinepolis Kirchberg

45 Avenue J-F Kennedy, Luxembourg

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116, rue de Luxembourg, Esch s/A



web Map
Kino 8 1/2

Kino 8 1/2

Nauwieserstrasse 19, Saarbrücken

web Map
Centre National de l'Audiovisuel

Centre National de l'Audiovisuel

1b rue du Centenaire, Dudelange

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145, rue de la Tour Jacob, Luxembourg

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5 Av. du Rock'n'Roll, Esch-sur-Alzette



Place des Rotondes, Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

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Embassy of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg

2 Rond-point Robert Schuman, 2525 Luxembourg

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2 Montée de Clausen, Luxembourg

Café Rocas (official festival bar)

Café Rocas (official festival bar)

33 rue des Capucins, Luxembourg

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