Community is a powerful word. It conveys a sense of solidarity, closeness and belonging. It can also conjure images of alienation, division and exclusion.

Through our  thematic cycle ‘Communities’ we would like to invite you to explore what ‘community’ means or can mean in our increasingly polarised and individualistic societies.

The theme will be reflected in numerous films (documentaries and fiction), an extensive photo exhibition and a debate.

The films included in the thematic cycle: R.M.N., All Our Fears, Blue Moon, Borders of Love, A Feature Film About Life, Grandpa Goes South, How I Learned To Fly, Men Of Deeds, Nightsiren, Not So Friendly Neighbourhood Affair, Orchestra, Pamfir, The Albanian Virgin, The Last Race, The Wedding Day, A Provincial Hospital, One Day in Ukraine, The Pawnshop, The Visitors