Cineast4Ukraine Charity Project 2023

We launched the CinEast4Ukraine charity project immediately after the full-scale invasion to help the victims of the war through collecting donations during the festival (as well as at several special screenings during the year in the framework of CinEast presents) and financing a specific project organised in collaboration with the local Ukrainian association LUkraine asbl. In 2023 festival-goers were able to contribute in many different ways (by buying a pass, adding donations to tickets...) and 100% of the funds collected went to the charity project.

Outcome 2023

Thanks to your generosity we managed to collect in total 12 800 EUR that were used to finance an equipped ambulance vehicle that was sent to Ukraine in December 2023 as well as co-finance a second ambulance together with Voice art & social. See some photos below and the donation certificate here.

Donations are possible all around the year at


Cineast4Ukraine Charity Project 2022

The aim of our CinEast4Ukraine charity project was to raise funds that would be transferred to our partner association LUkraine asbl and used to help victims of the war. Our goal was to gather a sufficient amount to purchase an equipped ambulance and send it to Ukraine. It was possible to contribute in many ways: by buying a festival pass or attending the Ukrainian evening with Joryj Kłoc (1€ from each pass and 5€ from each concert ticket went to the charity project), directly in cinemas or by making a donation at

Outcome 2022

Thanks to all those who supported our project during and after the festival we achieved a great result: we managed to collect 16 500 EUR

15 000 EUR were used to purchase an equipped ambulance vehicle and with the remaining 1 500 EUR (that included an additional donation of 500 EUR from the festival) we bought 31 warm sleeping bags. 100% of the collected funds were used to finance this help. The ambulance (with the sleeping bags) was sent to Ukraine as part of the convoy organised by on 21 December 2022.

Our charity project is a meaningful contribution, but at the same time it’s a drop in the sea of needs, so if you can, we encourage you to contribute to LUkraine asbl's action Ukraine is calling and/or other actions bringing relief and hope to the Ukrainian people in these dark times.

See a thank you letter from LUkraine asbl here and a selection of photos below.



For its 2021 Charity project CinEast decided to support the Lindenfeld Association (Romania) in a project helping institutionalised children and adolescents in Romania.

Ajungem Mari

Ajungem Mari

The Lindenfeld Association was established in 2013 as an organisation to support institutionalised children. Under the educational programme Grow GREAT (‘Ajungem Mari’) started in 2014, volunteers are supporting 2,500 children and young people between 7 and 20 years of age on their journey to become independent and responsible adults, building their confidence in their own abilities, developing skills and instilling values for a healthy and dignified life.

CinEast has agreed with the Lindenfeld Association that the funds collected during the festival will be invested to support the development of this project through the building of a pavilion to host future workshops and classes for the children as well as to purchase some furniture and technological equipment needed for these activities.

To support the CinEast charity project it was possible to make a direct donation or round up your payment when purchasing tickets on or put your contribution into one of our piggy banks at the festival venues.

Outcome 2021

We are happy to announce that in the framework of this project we managed to collect 2239.01 EUR for the Lindenfeld Association in Romania.

As in previous years, CinEast is running a special Charity Project and kindly asks for your financial support. Thanks to your contribution last year we managed to purchase many musical instruments for the “Maria Cibotari” Music School in Cahul (Moldova).

In 2020, we have chosen to support the Center for Youth Integration, an association in Belgrade, Serbia.

Center for Youth Integration

16The organisation was established in 2004 and contributes to promoting an inclusive society through consultations between children and the community, by improving existing living conditions and creating mechanisms to provide equal opportunities for children living and working on the streets. The main goal is to improve the situation of children at risk by promoting policies and practices in accordance with their needs, improving the quality of work, providing services and developing a model of assistance in Belgrade and in other communities.

The work of the association involves many different projects, among which our biggest interest has been awakened by the “Drop-in Shelter”. This licensed service recognised by social protection legislation aims to improve the quality of life of children between 5 and 15 who live or work on the streets of Belgrade. Beneficiaries are supplied with regular nutritionally balanced meals, clean clothes and footwear, and provided with educational support. Drop-in shelter represents a safe environment which meets children’s needs and supports their psychosocial development. Beneficiaries can also take part in various creative, educational, cultural and sports activities. The Drop-in Shelter team of professionals consists of social workers, specialised pedagogues, a nurse, psychologists and a lawyer with a joint mission to provide support and protection to all beneficiaries with respect for the best interest of the child.

CinEast has agreed with the Center for Youth Integration that the funds collected during the festival will be used to support the “Drop-in Shelter” project and purchase monitors, desktop computers and other materials needed during daily educational activities.

During the hybrid edition of CinEast 2020, the ways to support the charity initiative will be: buying any of the festival passes (1 EUR from each pass goes to the Charity Project), help feed one of the piggy banks available at the main festival venues or make a direct donation on The piggy banks will be opened and the donations counted by volunteers at the final festival event at Neimënster on Sunday 25 October. You can also support the project by purchasing photos from the "Planting the Future" exhibition.

CinEast undertakes to use 100% of the collected funds for donation to the Center for Youth Integration.