In 2023, the festival's thematic cycle is all about Adaptations.

In the past, humanity has very rarely had to adapt to radical changes within the space of a single lifetime or even generation.

There is no doubt that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented rate of change in many areas of life, which is having an immense impact on the world we know and on the ways we deal with it.

Climate change, intensified migration, depletion of resources, war and geopolitical shifts are among the major axes of change that currently pose the greatest challenges to humanity.
Whether individual or collective, physical or psychological – adaptation processes appear to be the key to try to grasp onto a reality that in many aspects is slipping away.

The films included in the thematic cycle:

White Plastic Sky, Remember To Blink, Filip, Bread and Salt, In the Rearview, A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes On, Victim, Blaga's Lessons, Stepne, Generation Change, Body, Wake Me, Notes from Eremocene, Housekeeping for Beginners, Mother, The Last Seagull, Between Revolutions