Aik Karapetian
Aik Karapetian
director of People Out There
Utopia 14/10 21.00
Aik Karapetian (1983) was born in Armenia, but 
raised and educated in Latvia. After having received
his MA degree in film directing from the Latvian
Academy of Culture,Aik Karapetian went on to study
at the Académie Internationale des Arts ESEC in Paris,
from which he graduated in 2008. At the Latvian
National Film Festival, Lielais Kristaps 2007, his short
film Disgust was awarded the title of Best Student
Film. In 2011, Aik directed The Barber of Seville at
Latvian National Opera, which was awarded Best
New Production of the season, the next play being
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. People
Out There
is Aik's debut full-length feature film.
Alise Gelze
Alise Gelze
producer of Mother I Love You
Utopia 20/10 21.00
Alise Ģelze (1980) is a Latvian film producer and 
co-owner of the production company Tasse Film
(Riga). She started with producing numerous
commercials for Film Angels Studio where she also
produced her first feature film Vogelfrei in 2007.
With Tanka she has produced several short films
and also the film Return of Sergeant Lapins (screened
at CinEast 2012). Mother I Love You is her most
successful film so far. Alise is also active as
a DJ and at CinEast she will also perform
at the Baltic Night at Melusina on 19 October.
Dariusz Jablonski
Dariusz Jablonski
producer of Aftermath
Krieps 21/10 20.30
Dariusz Jabłoński (1961) is a film director and 
producer. He was the 1st assistant director on
Kieslowski's Decalogue. Initiator of the Polish Film
Awards and founder of the Independent Film
Foundation, promoting Polish film in Poland and
abroad. Member of the European Producers Club
and the European Film Academy, he is one of
the leading independent producers in Poland.
Ewa Puszczynska
Ewa Puszczynska
producer of The Congress
Cinémathèque 20/10 20.30
Ewa Puszczyńska graduated from the English 
Literature Department of the University of Lodz.
Since 1995 she has been working for Opus Film,
an independent film production company in Poland;
for the last 8 years as a producer and Head of
Development, managing the development and
execution of their projects. In 2007 she was
appointed by the Minister of Culture as an expert
for the Polish Film Institute. Ewa has produced
films for Opus that have gained international
recognition, among them Mr Kuka's Lessons,
Spring 1941, and Zero. Recently she coordinated
the development of Ari Folman's The Congress and
produced Pawlikowski's new film Ida.
Ilinca Goia
Ilinca Goia
actor in Child's Pose
Utopia 23/10 18.30
Ilinca Goia (1969) is a Romanian actor, whose acting 
debut is linked to the most prestigious Romanian
student theatre company, Podul (The Attic). After
graduating from the National University of Theatre
and Film in 1992, she attended the courses of the
"Old Globe" University in San Diego and appeared
on its stage. She received a complete scholarship
at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in
New York. Her theatre experience was soon broadened
when she performed on the Civic Light Opera's stage
in San Diego, but also on Romanian stages, working
with prestigious theatre directors such as Noel Craig,
Elliot Swift and Andrei Serban. Her performance in Todd
Salovey's Dybbuk was highly praised by the Critics Board
in Los Angeles and obtained a Drama-Logue award.
Although she has mainly performed and specialized in
theatre, Ilinca also starred in various TV productions
such as Roberta's Diaries (1999), Poor Man, Rich Man
(2006 - 2007), Mothers' Doctors (2008), but also in
features such as White Lace Dress (director: Dan Pita,
1988) and The Moment of Truth (Andrei Blaier, 1991).
Kadri Kõusaar
Kadri Kõusaar
director of The Arbiter
Cinémathèque 24/10 20.30
Kadri Kõusaar (1980) is an Estonian writer and director. 
Her media debut started at the age of 13 writing and
drawing cartoons and comic strips for newspapers.
She has since published numerous film, literature
and music-related articles, as well as bestselling
novels "Ego" (2001), "Free Rise" (2004) and "Alfa"
(2011) in Estonia. She has also worked as a radio-DJ
and TV-host, and has a university degree in Spanish
language and literature. Her debut feature Magnus
(2007), about a father trying to help his suicidal son,
was the first Estonian film ever included at the official
selection of Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard,
2007) and won main awards at Wiesbaden's "GoEast"
and Prague's Febiofest. The Arbiter is Kadri's second
feature that premiered in the East of the West
programme in Karlovy Vary IFF in July 2013.
Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
director of Flying Blind
Ariston 24/10 20.00
Cinémathèque 25/10 20.30
Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (1977) is a graduate of 
the Polish Film School in Lodz and an alumna of
the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam. Since 2000 she
has collaborated with Polish National Television on
many projects, including her documentary, Krystian 
Lupa's Labyrinth
. Her documentary Wasserschlacht -
The Great Border Battle
co-directed with Andrew
Friedman was awarded Berlin Today Award during
Berlinale 2007. She is also president of Young
Polish Filmmakers Association FILM 1,2, in
connection with which she has been highly active
politically to improve funding for emerging filmmakers,
a member of the European Film Academy and an
assessor for the Polish Film Institute. Her short film
Hanoi-Warszawa (screened at CinEast 2011) won
numerous awards and was voted the Best Short
of 2010 by the European Film Academy. Flying
is her debut feature film.
Kati Kovacs
Kati Kovacs
scriptwriter of Lisa Limone&Maroc Orange
Cinémathèque 20/10 18.30
Kati Kovacs (1963 in Helsinki) has published 
many graphic novels that have been translated
into Swedish, Hungarian, French and German.
Her work is characterized by themes like longing
for freedom and a hunger for life, and by an
uplifting sensuality and warm, satirical humour.
She has won several awards, including the
Sarjakuva Finlandia Prize (2011) for her book
"Who's Afraid of Nenian Ahnav?". Being the
artist and co-scriptwriter for Lisa Limone is her
first encounter with the movie world.
Kristina Buožytė
Kristina Buožytė
director of Vanishing Waves
Cinémathèque 11/10 20.30
Kristina Buožytė (1982) is a film and television 
direction graduate at the Lithuanian Academy of
Music and Theater. Her feature debut The Collectress
(her graduation work) won the Best Film award at
the Lithuanian Silver Crane Awards (2008) and
participated in more than 30 festivals. Her second
feature Vanishing Waves won a number of prizes
at many festivals, including four awards (Best Movie,
Best Director, Best Script and Best Actress) at the
Fantastic Fest in Austin, USA.
Leon Lučev
Leon Lučev
actor in Circles
Cinémathèque 10/10 20.30
Leon Lučev (1970) was born in Šibenik, Croatia. 
He is one of the rare actors who is also a qualified
car mechanic. He made his movie debut in a 1996
Vinko Brešan's blockbuster comedy, How the War
Started on My Island
. As one of the most popular
and talented Croatian actors he has played numerous
roles since then, both of heroes and villains, in
Croatian movies, including the film Cannibal Vegetarian
screened at CinEast 2012. He appeared in Jasmila
Žbanić's films Grbavica and On the Path, and won the
Best Actor Award at Sarajevo FF for his performance
in Buick Riviera. Circles is Lučev's first cooperation
with the talented Serbian director Srđan Golubović.
Maria Sadowska
Maria Sadowska
director of Women's Day
Krieps 15/10 20.30
Caméo Ariel 16/10 19.45
Maria Sadowska is a well-known Polish singer, film 
director, composer, writer and producer. Working
in the music industry from an early age, she has
released so far 9 solo albums, and directed many
music videos for top Polish artists as well as for
her own songs. Her short films have been screened
at many film festivals around the globe. Women's
is Sadowska's debut feature film.
Márk Bodzsár
Márk Bodzsár
director of Heavenly Shift
Utopia 21/10 19.00
Márk Bodzsár (1983) graduated from Budapest 
University of Theater, Film and Television (Directing,
Screenwriting and Film Aesthetics) and collected
the Simó Sándor Award for the best diploma film
for Bloody Mary in 2007. He has directed the episode
To Breathe In of the omnibus film East Side Stories,
which won first prize at the 9th Kamera Hungária in
the drama category. Heavenly Shift is his first feature
project premiered at Warsaw IFF only days before
the screenings at CinEast.
Martichka Bozhilova
Martichka Bozhilova
producer of The Last Black Sea Pirates, Tzvetanka and Balkan Melodie
Krieps 20/10 18.30
Cinémathèque 22/10 18.30
Martichka Bozhilova is a Bulgarian producer (Agitprop 
production house) but also a lecturer at various
European workshops and events in the field of
documentary cinema, official ambassador of the
European Documentary Network (EDN) in Bulgaria
and co-founder and director of Balkan Documentary
Center. She focuses on producing creative docu-
mentaries with an international potential and
a strong author's style.
Metod Pevec
Metod Pevec
director of Tango Abrazos and Estrellita
Krieps 09/10 20.30
Caméo Ariel 10/10 19.45
Metod Pevec (1958) is a Slovenian director and screenwriter,
writer/novelist and an actor. He studied philosophy and
comparative literature and has appeared in several Slovenian
and Yugoslav feature films and tv series. He has also written
several novels and a collection of short stories. As a film
director, Metod Pevec often focuses on portraying strong
female characters in difficult life situations. So far he has
made five successful feature films - Carmen (1995), Beneath
Her Window
(2003), Estrellita (2007), Good Night, Missy (2011)
and Tango Abrazos (2012) - and several documentaries
(including the award-winning Alexandrians).
Michal Kollár
Michal Kollár
producer of Honeymoon
Utopia 22/10 19.00
Michal Kollár is a Slovak producer and co-founder 
of Fog'n'Desire Films production company. Among
the films he produced: The Great Thaw by Viktor
Tauš, The House by Zuzana Liová (in competition
at CinEast 2011), The Gypsy Vote by Jaroslav Vojtek,
August Fools by Taru Mäkelä or Clownwise by V. Tauš.
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