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Abbaye de Neumünster  9-27 October 2013  
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Reflecting the 2013 edition's theme on "Women's Stories", CinEast presents a photographic exhibition showcasing Polish, Bulgarian, Latvian and Luxembourgish artists.

Starting from a familiar discourse associated with womanhood (such as beauty, pregnancy, age or gender equality), the exhibited works aim to challenge our perception of a woman's position in society as well as female notions of identity.

Curator Jagna Olejnikowska has chosen to juxtapose pieces with a strong surreal quality with photographs depicting daily life in an apparently more traditional approach. Whether confronted with mature women, pregnant women, hidden or solitary women, the portraits captivate and startle the onlooker.

In her project entitled "Later", Latvian artist Aija Bley has chosen to capture the various facets of women dealing with age, revealing how perceived vulnerability can conceal a surprising strength. Polish photographer Peter Raw deals with the exceptional time in a woman's life that is pregnancy. While Aneta Ivanova's exploration of femininity centres on vast urban and rural spaces, as well as the scars these places leave behind, Wioletta Golebiewska and Milena Marciniak focus on the intimate space of confined apartments - a place to reconnect or to get lost in. By merging animal masks and female portraits, the work of Luxembourgish artist Jeanine Unsen aims to challenge perceived notions of a woman's social status, suggesting that the female face still remains partly hidden.

Exhibition organised in collaboration and with the support of the CCRN and Fonds Culturel National.


Ancien Cinéma 9-27 October 2013


The exhibition is a tragicomical journey through the fictional filmography of an ex-cinephile. For a long time, Edouard Allen recomposed his life situations as though they were part of a movie. At the heart of all his stagings : women, the woman, a woman. A strange figure, fascinating and ungraspable, dangerous in a certain way, who transformed his everyday life and which he reinvented again and again - either by dressing her with Hollywood glamour, or making her free and impetuous like the heroines of the French Nouvelle Vague, or filling her with all the distanced anguish characteristic of the Antonioni movies. Then one day Edouard's mental camera ran out of power ...


Paulo Lobo is a photographer, journalist and editor of the architecture magazine Wunnen. He was born in Portugal, Baixa da Banheira in 1964. When he was six years old, his parents emigrated to Luxembourg. Very young, he nourished a passion for photography and built up his knowledge as an autodidact. Since 2005, Paulo Lobo has also had a blog entitled "Voyages en suspens" with various writings on culture, photography and cinema.

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