Brasserie Le Neumünster

As in previous editions, CinEast 2013 provides numerous opportunities to explore the cuisines of the gastronomically lesser known part of Europe.


Two gastronomic evenings will be held at the Brasserie Le Neumünster on 17 and 22 October (starting at 18.30), offering a selection of typical Central and Eastern European dishes served in a buffet style, accompanied by regional beers and wines. This is your unique chance to try a salad from Bulgaria, a Balkan starter, a Czech main dish or a Croatian dessert, all made according to traditional recipes!


We advise you to make a reservation by contacting the Brasserie directly (www.brasserieleneumunster.lu).


In addition, many programmes will include a tasting of typical snacks and drinks in order not to let your stomach ruin your cinema experiences. This is traditionally the case of the short films marathons, but this year you will also need them during the Burning Bush special evening and they may well surprise you at other events too. Baltic surprises might be available at the Baltic Night (19/10) and if, for a change, you would like to taste some typical Bulgarian or Polish food and drinks, don't eat before going out to the closing concert of Milenita (26/10). A handful of encounters with Balkan snacks are planned as well.

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