Numerous films in the programme of CinEast 2015 (fiction, documentary and short) address the theme of the city as a living space, social phenomenon and a constant influence on our destinies. We are witnessing massive urbanisation of our civilisation and changing social patterns where individuals plunge into the anonymity and a wide pool of opportunities the cities can offer. In the framework of this cycle the festival’s film programme presents various “urban stories” that provide a closer look at the reality of urban life in Central and Eastern European cities.

This theme will also be at the heart of the extensive photography exhibition at Neimënster's cloître, presenting the works of eight Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Luxemburgish and Swiss artists. In addition, a debate on prefabricated housing and urbanism entitled “Concrete living” will take place after the screening of the documentary Concrete Stories (Neimënster 14 October).

Films in the cycle: Body, Modris, You Carry Me, Warsaw Uprising, Concrete Stories, Šiška Deluxe, Self-Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter, Hany, Home, The Cleaner, The Invisible City, Free Spaces

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