As in previous years, the CinEast 2015 festival is organising its own Charity Project. Thanks to your contributions last year we managed to help the orphanage in Udaitsi (Ukraine) and make the lives of the children living there a bit more cheerful. This year we would like to support the Polish foundation ‘Gajusz’ (based in £odz), which provides care for children with chronic and incurable diseases in a hospice and in people’s homes as well as perinatal care.


“The Palace” is what they call their hospice, which is dedicated to children who are terminally ill and deprived of parental care – mostly orphans whose parents cannot or do not want to be reached. The Palace is their home, not their hospital! Both the medical staff and the volunteers make this place a very safe, cosy and a cheerful place to be.


Thanks to the home care service, patients can spend their most valued and treasured days in the comfort of their homes, with their parents by their side. Gajusz provides around-the-clock free medical, psychological, and social care.


In the framework of the perinatal care, Gajusz oversees the care of our youngest patients, before and after their birth. Families receive free professional support (medical, diagnostics, psychological, social and organisational) and palliative care for children born with terminal birth defects.


They help every child, no matter how small they are, because no children should suffer loneliness.



With your contributions we could help Gajusz improve the living conditions of their little patients. The foundation would like to buy a device which cleanses the air in the rooms of sick children and creates a healthier environment, reducing the risk of airborne pathogens affecting patients.




How can you support this initiative? You can put your donations in one of our piggy banks available in the main venues. They will be publicly smashed open and your donations will be counted by volunteers at the last festival event at Neimënster on Sunday 25 October, the screening of the film Gods. After the screening and during the days which follow you will also be able to purchase photos from the “Urban Stories” exhibition. But you can also help by simply purchasing the festival pass - 1 EUR from each pass purchased goes to the Charity Project automatically. 100% of the collected funds will be sent on to Gajusz.



It is a great pleasure to announce that we managed to collect in total 3554,50 EUR through the festival's Charity Project. The money was transferred to the Gajusz foundation in Poland and was used to finance an air decontamination device. The remaining part will be used for purchasing an emergency generator. Below you can see photos taken during the visit of the CinEast representative Martyna at the "Palace" and you can also consult the thank you letter & invoice from Gajusz here.


Charity outcome

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