We are living in turbulent times. Thousands of people are driven away from their homes due to wars, political or economic problems or unfavourable social or family situations. In 2016, CinEast presents the thematic cycle “Away From Home” which addresses various issues related to leaving home voluntarily or by force, focusing on the current migrant and refugees crisis and also on expatriates, the Roma or homeless people, inspiring a broader reflexion on what "home" and "being away from home" mean.

These concepts are not only at the heart of the eponymous large-scale photography exhibition installed in the Caves voûtées of Neimënster (6-23 October, free entrance), but they will also be reflected in numerous films and discussed during two debates held in the framework of the New Home and (Un)welcome special evenings.


Films in the cycle: New World, Mos Stellarium, The Queen Of Silence, Refugees, The Nest Of The Turtledove, The Tiger Theory, Three Days In September, Together For Ever, 5 October, On The Other Side, Exiled, Mom And Other Loonies In The Family, Eva Nová, Two Lottery Tickets, Ederly, The High Sun, Hristo, The Miracle Of Tekir, Reminiscences Of A Journey To Lithuania.


The "Away From Home" cycle is supported by our partner EIB Institute 


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