Saturday 8 October from 20.00

Flying Orkestar stepping in as the new headliner after Toporkestra cancelled due to visa problem 


Flying Orkestar are notorious for their explosive shows mixing Balkan sounds with Rock, Funk, Hip-hop, Latin and Oriental tunes, driven by an irresistible wanderlust and a furious desire to promote joyful and energetic Balkan music, Flying Orkestar will rock Melusina presenting their fifth album (‘Miss America’, released in May 2016). Since founding the band in their native ‘Bukravia’ in 2008, the 7 band members have been conquering thousands of hearts and Balkan music lovers from France to Slovenia, with their accordion, synthesizer and brass instruments. We are convinced that Flying Orkestar will perform a more than solid follow-up on the memorable shows of the bands Fanfara Transylvania and Klezmafour.

The Molotov Brothers is a collaboration between the wild DJ Balkaliente (beats & trombone) and the talented clarinet & sax player Samuel Maquin, a specialist in Eastern European music. This dangerous duo takes the audience by storm with shows full of whirling and bubbling energy. As a genuine laboratory of Balkan sounds blending gypsy and traditional music flavours with electronic machines and live instruments, the Molotov Brothers offer a highly explosive cocktail of feverish dance and memorable moments!

DJ Balkaliente is a multi-talented musician and DJ delivering hot chili sets in Balkan style, spiced up with his live trombone. Recycling the most acid Balkan beats melded with the best of cumbia/afro/Brazil/reggae/ska/drum’n’bass/electro, his mixes are like a tsunami of positive energy that really turns up the heat on the dancefloor!


Links: Flying Orkestar / fb / video playlist 1 / video playlist 2 / Molotov fb / video1DJ Balkaliente mixcloud / fb

19.30 doors & food
21.00 Flying Orkestar live in concert
23.00 Molotov Brothers live
00.30 Balkan party with DJ Balkaliente


Friday 14 October from 20.30
Cinémathèque (tickets)

Live soundtrack to Wiene's 1920 horror The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 


The Polish alternative rock band The Washing Machine creates a unique musical accompaniment to the horror movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene (born in Breslau, then in German Silesia, now Wroc³aw in Poland). The movie is considered as the quintessential work of expressionist cinema. Since 2010 The Washing Machine regularly perform live soundtracks to classic films of the silent era. Besides The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the group has also performed soundtracks to the films Locator by Alfred Hitchcock and Night of the Living Dead by George Romero. The music to Wiene’s classic horror movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was prepared in cooperation with the Cytryna cinema in £ódŸ and has been shown in numerous Polish cinemas and theatres and at many festivals, and was also released on vinyl.

£ukasz Drewniak – Guitar, keyboards
Krzysztof Drewniak – Bass guitar
Adrian Szymajda – Guitar, keyboards
Micha³ Kowalczyk – Drums


Links: fb / myspace soundtrack trailer / excerpt


With the support of  With the support of



Thursday 20 October from 19.30 (tickets)

Bashavel, a five-member group of outstanding musicians from Slovakia (and Moldova), will perform a live soundtrack to the silent film Jánošík by Jaroslav Siake¾ (1921), the well-known story of the legendary popular hero Jánošík, a highwayman who ‘stole from the rich and gave to the poor’. The band’s unmistakable sound is an original blend of traditional folk motifs with modern jazz. Bashavel have performed the soundtrack on many occasions in various countries, and this is their first ever performance in Luxembourg. The Slovak band Bashavel was formed in 2006. It is a joint project of jazz musicians who create manifold moods, colours and rhythms out of folk songs and tunes using cymbal, piano, drums, double bass and violin.

After the cinéconcert, the band members will please the audience with a special bonus in the form of a jam session in the Brasserie le Neumünster (just a few steps from Salle Krieps). Make sure to come to this second part of the evening and enjoy the skills of the musicians in the cosy setting of the Brasserie with a glass of wine or beer. And if you are a musician yourself, feel free to join the jam!

Marcel Comendant – Dulcimer
Stanislav Palúch – Violin
Klaudius Kováè – Piano
Róbert Ragan – Bass
Peter Solárik – Drums 


Links: video1 / video2
Organised by CinEast in collaboration with  Neimënster  and     and with the support of   


Saturday 22 October from 19.00
Sang & Klang (tickets)

Fanfare Couche-Tard is a French band of five musicians passionate about Eastern European music mixed with powerful nuclear energy and fine humour. After nearly seven years on the road and more than 250 shows throughout many European countries, the band recently conquered India and also released their 10-track album, Balkanize Me. Already known and very much appreciated by the Luxembourg public, the band’s lively shows thrill traditional music lovers as well as dancefloor aficionados.


Grégory Blaud – Clarinet, vocals
Florian Valloo – Saxaphone, doudouk
Nathanaël Bianconi – Accordeon, synth, vocals
Patrice Komlanz – Tuba, bass, synth
Robin Veyssière – Drums


Their show will be preceeded by the bosnian duo Selma&Selma with a gypsy music programme and followed by an energy-fuelled set delivered by dr. gonZo, one of Luxembourg’s finest and most popular DJs. Traditional Eastern European food and drinks will be available throughout the event.


Links: web / soundcloud / facebook / video1 / video2


19.00 doors
19.30 Selma&Selma live
20.30 Fanfare Couche-Tard live
22.00 Balkan DJ set by dr. gonZo


Saturday 15 October from 23.59

Café Rocas

Electronic music night with DJ Mozayka

Join us in Café Rocas after the late-night screening of the extraordinary documentary All These Sleepless Nights recounting Warsaw’s fiery nightlife. Rocas is just around the corner from the Cinémathèque and it is more than likely that the film will put you in a dancing mood. DJ Mozayka, a Lux-based Polish music-lover, will be serving up entrancing beats inspired by the film’s soundtrack to bring Warsaw's party scene to Luxembourg. Bring your film ticket to get a 10% discount on drinks! Of course, you can also show up without a ticket for a tasty dose of fresh clubbing music.



Sunday 23 October from 18.30
Ancien Cinema Vianden

An outstanding jazz duo playing music by Polish film composers from the 30's and jazz standards.

An excellent piano jazz duo of Krzysztof Karpiñski and Korzysztof Sadowski will present the music of the Polish composer Henryk Wars (true name Warszawski), a Polish pop music composer. In he 1930s, he composed music scores for 50 films in Poland and 60 more in the United States. Karpiñski/Sadowski will also play some American jazz standards and their original compositions.



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