Neimënster 6–23 October 2016

Catalogue [PDF]

The exhibition is opened daily from 9.00 till 19.00
On the days of screenings in Neimenster until 20.30

The present exhibition brings together 9 photographic projects focusing on people who, for various reasons, had to or wanted to leave their homes.


In the current climate, the perception of a refugee and a migrant is commonly referred to as to being homeless. The projects The Balkan Nights by Matic Zorman, The Balkan Route by Matej Povše, The Refugee Crisis by Maciek Nabrdalik and I am not a refugee by Sven Becker present different aspects of the current migrant and refugee crisis. They depict those people who had to leave everything behind for an uncertain future and who often face a hostile environment.


More broadly speaking, the exhibition examines how the concept of home and a sense of belonging are formed.


Particular attention is paid to groups or communities without a permanent home or who left their homes a long time ago: Adam Lach’s project Stigma focuses on the Roma community in Poland, Radu Ciorniciuc’s The King of Sewers looks at the homeless living in the Bucharest underground, while Maciek Nabrdalik's project Homesick for Chernobyl depicts the people who had to leave their homes in Chernobyl and are now returning after many years.


Last but not least, the exhibition also presents those people who have left their homes voluntarily and are trying to create new ones elsewhere. Paris / Moldova by Patrick Galbats portrays Roma musicians both in a Paris metro station and back home in Romania, while Margo Skwara's New Home is interested in career expats who have moved to the Grand Duchy.


In some cases leaving home is a temporary separation – sometimes chosen, sometimes not – lived through before returning to one's original roots. But in others, it's the beginning of a process that leads to creating a new home. People, just like trees, can be displaced, but their roots continue to grow.

Curated by Jagna Olejnikowska Grabowska
Coordination: Radek Lipka

Organised by CinEast in collaboration and with the support of  Neimënster andEuropean Investment Bank Institute

The vernissage of the 'Away from Home' exhibition will take place in Neimënster on Thursday 6 October at 17.30.

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