Besh o droM & Balkan Party with DJ Robert Soko

Saturday 7 October from 19.30
Melusina (tickets)

Live world music inspired by Gypsy, Transylvanian, Jewish and Middle Eastern traditions followed by a Balkan DJ set – pure energy!

The evening will start with the concert of Toldi Mike, a rock band formed in 2015 by a group of friends living in Luxembourg. Striving to revisit the specific atmosphere of the Hungarian alternative rock scene of the 1980’s, they play mainly songs of their own, confronting this tradition with their expat life in today’s Luxembourg.

Next, time for the headliner! The Hungarian group Besh o droM will seduce you with a live performance showcasing their vision of world music inspired by Balkan, Gypsy, Transylvanian, Jewish and even Middle Eastern traditions. The band, which has been performing worldwide for 18 years now, brings together cheerful, authentic sounds from different cultures and entertains the public with touching, yet playful songs and energetic rhythms with their signature blend of folk and contemporary instruments. On stage, the seven members of Besh o droM play various instruments, including cimbalom, darbuka or kaval, creating the perfect backing for the extraordinary voices of Lili Kaszai and Ádám Pettik. Besh o droM means 'Go your own way' in the Romany language and this is exactly what the band does!

The rest of the night will belong to DJ Robert Soko. Originally from Bosnia, he found his second home in Berlin, where, in 1993, he started the regular Balkan Beats parties, a concept that has since spread to Paris, London, Budapest and even Mexico and Tokyo. So put on your best dancing shoes and enjoy the lusty sounds of gypsy brass and folk melodies boosted with electronic beats and blended with Western music styles such as ska and rock.

As usual, to boost their energy levels and enjoy dancing the night away, those present will be able to snack on traditional Eastern European food.


19.30 doors & food
20.00 Toldi Mike live
21.00 Beshodrom live
23.00 Balkan party with DJ Robert Soko


Links: Beshodrom / Beshodrom fb / Beshodrom live video / Beshodrom soundcloudToldi Mike fb / Robert Soko web / BalkanBeats 

CinEast 10th Anniversary Party with Svjata Vatra

Saturday 14 October from 19.00
Rotondes (tickets)

Live music, birthday cake, short film, traditional food, quiz, DJ party & more to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CinEast!

After an entertaining quiz, a funny short film and, of course, the CinEast birthday cake comes the star turn of the evening: an energetic dose of Cossack Baltic folk rock served by Svjata Vatra ('Holy Fire'). This Estonian band led by the charismatic Ukrainian frontman Ruslan Trochynskyj plays folk music based on traditional songs, nostalgic children's games and Baltic melodies, all with a freshly minted punk attitude. The unique combination of a passionate Ukrainian trombone with Estonian bagpipes, the Jew's harp as well as intense vocals creates amazing and fiery sound patterns that cannot help but seduce everyone around.
And last but not least, starting around midnight, DJ dr. gonZo, an iconic figure of Luxembourg's nightlife, will keep you up and dancing with one of his memorable sets travelling through countless musical styles and bringing the CinEast's 10th anniversary to its climax. Come and celebrate with us!

A selection of traditional Eastern European dishes and drinks will be available throughout the evening.

19.00 Doors & food
20.00 Start of the programme
21.30 Svjata Vatra live in concert
23.30 DJ dr. gonZo [until 3am]


Links: Svjata Vatra homepage / facebook / video / soundcloud 

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The Undesirable - ciné-concert by the Semi-Invented Trio

Wednesday 18 October from 20.30 (tickets)

A live soundtrack combining jazz and Eastern European rhythms (piano, drums & violin) to accompany the restored version of the 1914 Hungarian silent film The Undesirable (A Tolonc) by Michael Curtiz.

The Undesirable is a unique rarity in the world's cinema, the only surviving silent film by the Hungarian-born Mihály Kertész, who – under the name of Michael Curtiz – became one of the important figures of early Hollywood, known for such classics as Casablanca (for which he received an Oscar) or The Adventures of Robin Hood.
The music soundtrack, which reveals a variety of musical inspirations, was composed by Adrian Konarski, a piano player and recognised film music composer, who will be joined on stage by one of the best Polish session drummers, S³awomir Berny, and violinist Micha³ Chytrzyñski. Together, they have become regulars at the Piwnica pod Baranami and the Silent Film Festival in Krakow and have composed numerous soundtracks to films that have been performed in various countries outside Poland. So give yourself up to the warm melodies, well-arranged sounds and jamming brought to you by this skilful trio.


Links: Semi-Invented trio facebook
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Closing event with Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra & DJ Don Simon

Saturday 21 October from 19.30
Melusina (tickets)

The Closing event of the 10th edition of the CinEast film festival will once again be an energy-fuelled combination of a live concert and a DJ party.

Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra will hit the floors of Melusina with an exotic cocktail of Balkan music and Jamaican ska. Experimenting with the two genres, the band drifts between a respect for tradition and an appetite for adventure. The sextet from Belgium are pioneering this unexpected yet irresistible genre hotchpotch, which, combined with their rebellious spirit and restless drive will undoubtedly get you straight onto the dancefloor. So get ready for their vibrant live performance giving you an exhilarating experience of gipsy-ska madness, rudeboy vibes and Romany passion!
DJ Don Simon from Luxembourg will invite you to dance the night away. A regular guest at numerous parties at Rocas and Gudde Wellen, he is well known to the local public for his joyful and inventive mixes of various genres, from funk to disco, Balkan music to reggae and rock’n’roll to boogie and ska.

Hearty traditional dishes from different Eastern European countries will be served throughout the night on the first floor of the venue.


19.30 doors & food
21.00 Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra live in concert
23.00 DJ Don Simon [until 3am]

Links: Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra homepage / facebook / videos / soundcloud

Dr. Misio live

Friday 13 October from 20.00
Ancien Cinema Vianden

A punk rock wilderness courtesy of Dr. Misio, the band led by the charismatic actor Arkadiusz Jakubik

Dr. Misio is a Polish rock crew led by Arkadiusz Jakubik, one of Poland's most renowned actors, who has had great dramatic roles in Wojciech Smarzowski's films (The Wedding, The Dark House, The Traffic Department, Volhynia). Jakubik is also known as a scriptwriter and director of ambitious film projects (A Simple Story About Murder).

The band has made three records so far: "Young", "Pogo" and “The Resurrection”, which was released in the spring of 2017. The video for the pilot single promoting the album, "The Holy Book" ("Pismo"), was made – not surprisingly – by Wojciech Smarzowski.

Dr. Misio plays sharp rock & roll with a solid sound, heavy riffs and excellent, clever lyrics by Krzysztof Warga or Marcin Œwietlicki. The group’s dynamic concerts are much appreciated not only by rock fans, but also by all those who seek intellectual and sensory excitement, as well as a shared, almost ritualistic fun. Dr. Misio is a great band for an audience that expects a performance with a lot of energy and emotion, both in a club and outdoors. Arek Jakubik is considered one of the best and most lively frontmen of the current Polish music scene.

Links: Dr. Misio facebook / videos


Era Of Dance - electronic music night by Riga Disco Blitz DJs

Friday 13 October from 22.00

Café Rocas (free entrance)

Some old and new school electronic music to follow up on the screening of the documentary Era of Dance

Join us in Café Rocas after the extraordinary documentary about the first steps of the western DJ culture in the Soviet Union, with Riga as the main gate (Era of Dance), and dance to the techno/house/electro rhythms served by the Riga Disco Blitz DJ collective. On this occasion, the Latvian DJs will present an eclectic mix of dancefloor-friendly records from different times and cultures, including some examples of the early electronic dance music from Latvia and other parts of the USSR.


Links: Riga Disco Blitz DJs facebook

With the support of the Latvian Embassy in the Hague 



Apero Jazz with Sergei Wowkotrub Gypsy Swing Quartet

Sunday 15 October from 11.30
Neimenstër (free entry)

Jazz with a manouche gypsy swing soaked in heartfelt Slavic emotions.

Sergei Wowkotrub Gypsy Swing Quartet offers a fresh and original approach, mixing jazz and other influences. Their extensive repertoire comprises not only the standard melodies of gypsy swing, inspired by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, but also familiar, well-orchestrated pop and film music, which they transform into performances full of drama, with a unique atmosphere.

The band was founded in 2001 by Sergei Wowkotrub, a violin virtuoso of Ukrainian origin, who has collaborated with the famous Jazz Band Ball Orchestra, Hot D’Jazz Trio, Five O’Clock Orchestra and one of the greatest guitarists of the manouche genre, Joscho Stephan. Sergei’s unique violin-playing will be accompanied by Sebastian Ruciñski (guitar), Tomasz Wójcik (guitar) and Piotr Górka (bass), all graduates of the Jazz Music Academy of Katowice, and well known figures on the Polish music scene. Their team and solo playing is imbued with an extraordinary sensitivity and passion, offering the audience an unforgettable musical experience.

After the musical aperitif, we invite you to the standard brunch at the Brasserie Wenzel featuring typical Central and Eastern European bites.


Links: video 1 / video 2

Co-organised by CinEast and  neimenster.jpg


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