Travellers' evening

trabant_there_and_back_againTRAVELLERS´ EVENING

Thursday 10 October (19.00)


What can be more exciting than travelling around the world? Travelling around the world in a Trabant or on a motorbike!

Our special guests can really prove that life begins where the comfort zone ends and it's not the destination but the journey that counts.

Our travellers´ evening starts with the fascinating and entertaining documentary Trabant: There And Back Again about Dan Přibáň's international team who drove their famous yellow Trabants from India to Nepal and across the Himalayas to Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan and further west to reach Slovakia and the Czech Republic. During this epic journey they encounter many tough moments, but the crew faces all obstacles with black humour. After the talk with the director Dan Přibáň  you will also meet Anabela and Jorge Valente, professional travellers and founders of the diariesof travel magazine, who decided to quit their jobs and follow their dreams. Since then they have driven 74000 km by motorbike and visited 72 countries worldwide. They will present a special slideshow and together with Dan they will share with you some of their amazing stories to show us what it means to live for and from travelling.


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