Our planet and societies at a crossroads

Photo exhibition (see catalogue)

8-27 October 2020

The starting point of the “Planting the Future” photographic exhibition is the manifest unsustainability of our relationship with the environment and with those around us.

Matjaz Krivic - ComingClean Orkney
Ciril Jazbec - Ice Stupas
Igor Grubic - Against trash

It invites the public to reflect on what brought us to the current crossroads: the human footprint on Earth is undoubtedly a permanent one and the collision between humankind and nature and the clash between humans themselves have led to damage that many consider irreversible. Is it still possible to “cure” our planet and our societies by making our economic and social models more sustainable?

The exhibition aims to raise some crucial questions that are even more pressing now, as we go powerless through an unprecedented health and economic crisis. The featured projects by Matjaž Krivic (Slovenia), Szymon Barylski (Poland), Kacper Kowalski (Poland), Igor Grubić (Croatia), Ciril Jazbec (Slovenia), and Luca Locatelli (Italy) document – all around the world – social disparity and child labour, environmental disasters, pollution and the devastating consequences of climate change but, on the other hand, they also show practices and initiatives for a more sustainable development, inspiring reflection on the paths open for our action and change.

Curator: Isabella Primicerio

Coordinator: Radek Lipka

Organised by CinEast in collaboration and with the support of   neimenster    


The opening of the exhibition will take place at Neimënster on 8 October from 17.30 till 19.00

Kacper Kowalski - SideEffects - ToxicBeauty
Luca Locatelli - Circular Economy - The End of Trash
Szymon Barylski - Iquitos Belen