For its 2021 Charity project CinEast decided to support the Lindenfeld Association in a project helping institutionalised children and adolescents in Romania.

Ajungem Mari

Ajungem Mari

The Lindenfeld Association was established in 2013 as an organisation to support institutionalised children. Under the educational programme Grow GREAT (‘Ajungem Mari’) started in 2014, volunteers are supporting 2,500 children and young people between 7 and 20 years of age on their journey to become independent and responsible adults, building their confidence in their own abilities, developing skills and instilling values for a healthy and dignified life.

This educational programme involves many different projects all around Romania. A recent project that awakened our interested is being developed by a motivated group of volunteers in Gorj County in the southern part of the country under the title “The School in the Garden”.

The project aims to offer children from a foster care centre in Târgu Jiu and foster homes in Scoarța and Răchiți communes the chance to develop independent living skills. The School in the Garden involves the creation of a “learning-by-doing laboratory” at the foster home in Scoarța, which includes a solarium and a chicken coop built jointly by volunteers and children. In the long run, the School in the Garden will host educational activities that the volunteers of Grow GREAT will continue to organise with groups of institutionalised children and adolescents.

CinEast has agreed with the Lindenfeld Association that the funds collected during the festival will be invested to support the development of this project through the building of a pavilion to host future workshops and classes for the children as well as to purchase some furniture and technological equipment needed for these activities.

To support the CinEast charity project you can make a direct donation or round up your payment when purchasing tickets on or put your contribution into one of our piggy banks at the festival venues.