Faces of Love


Sunday 17 October, 


For the first time at CinEast, there is a special event about LOVE and its many faces.

We will start with a fascinating love-filled collage of interviews with lovers from all around the globe, full of good vibes. This is the work of Andjela and Davor Rostuhar, experienced world travellers, young and in love, who spent 15 months on a trip around the world trying to find the answer to the question - What is love? During their journey, they met and filmed 40 couples of different nationalities, cultures, beliefs and political and social contexts, as well as different expectations and knowledge about love. Their documentary Love Around the World is a beautiful audiovisual postcard from their journey.

The second documentary, A Marriage, by Kateřina Hager tells the story of Zdenka from the Czech Republic, who has been wheelchair-bound since a car accident at the age of 23, and of Tabish from Pakistan. They meet playing an online game and eventually fall in love and marry. The Czech authorities won’t accept that theirs is a genuine relationship and Tabish’s family is deeply suspicious of the relationship. Five years after they exchanged vows, the spouses remain thousands of miles away from each other, stuck in their own countries.

The notions and dreams of love and relationships are as varied as the people who have them. Yet people with disabilities are still too often primarily defined by their disability. Their need for love and connection is often called into question – or even the right to have this need. During the discussion inspired by those two great documentaries, we will explore love in its many forms, and the dos and don’ts of finding a partner in a virtual world. Together with our special guests, the director Kateřina Hager, Sandra Michely, trainer and educator from Planning Familial, and Christine Fandel from Info Handicap, we will focus on dating, marriage, intimacy and friendship, and living—and loving—with disabilities. Through the experiences of our experts and guests, we wish to draw the attention of the audience to these topics and share information about initiatives and organizations that actively support people with disabilities in Luxembourg. 

Christine Fandel  - works for Luxembourg’s national information centre on all issues around disability (Info-Handicap). She's been living with mental health issues herself since her early 20s. (Christine kindly accepted our invitation to the event Faces of Love, as she would like to share her experience about love and building relationships. Her own experience of love has evolved and changed in time, it has become deeper, more unique and beautiful).

Sandra Michely - works for Planning Familial Luxembourg since 2016, as Chargée d’ éducation sexuelle et affective (Head of Sexual and Emotional Education).


Fandel Christine
Katerina Hager